Raising funds to rebuild Tesla Tower that can offer free Energy to our World.

In 1870’s Russians Scientist worked on wireless power transmission. In 1990 these genius scientists managed to build “Wardenclyffe Tower” or more popular name Tesla Tower on the Manhattan Island Russia.

Now a day’s wireless transmission is still a dream for many people. Many companies work on wireless power transmission. The two scientist want help humans by creation of to produce free energy across the world. In 1990 these two genius did not complete work due to lack money and some unknown reasons.

Some of the reason is American industrialists and the U.S government did their best to stop this big experiment from happening. It is fairly understandable that this development, which might produce free energy Teen Designs Free Energy Device on the entire world, troubled many dominant characters from that time.

It seems the money was not a problem for Nikola Tesla, but the big American industrialists along with the US government would have done their best to prevent this big project from happening.

Russian scientists name Leonid and Sergey Plekhanov do not look to be scared also they started applying Tesla’s project, they are using stat_of_the_art technologies.

The A young scientist name Marin Soljačić and his team want to work again on this project. The upgraded version of the Tesla Tower will be able to resolve a lot of mankind problems. This “Tesla tower” have power to produce enough power with just one single lightning hit. This power is equal to all power generation services of Russia.

 We don’t know what these two genius had in mind also they never managed to complete beyond simple trials is what now Croatian scientist might manage to do.

In Russia Tesla already build a tower that can store electrical energy but they still need cables to transmit the energy from one point to another.

If you want to see how Tesla towers look like you can see them just drive 40-km from Moscow. It would be great full if Marin Soljačić would team up with other scientists of this skill and we might see actual fully useful Tesla Tower before we picture. Let’s hope! If you like this article please share and like to support digitalmarkhor.

Russia Today

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