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New Digital Payment Gateways in Pakistan, towards a cashless economy

The state bank of Pakistan granted in-principle approval to NayaPay to work as an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) in Pakistan, a handout issued by the corporation said on Monday.

The approval will enable the corporation to “commence the pilot phase of transactions during a controlled environment and under the SBP’s supervision to hunt approval for the commercial launch of its services”, consistent with the handout.


With NayaPay, customers are going to be ready to open e-money accounts also as perform “hassle-free” digital transactions. Users also will be ready to withdraw cash through the NayaPay app and therefore the associated open-end credit, which can be accepted at any ATM, also as pay bills.

Customers also will be ready to transfer money through mobile by employing a secure EMVCo. QR code.

NayaPay places great emphasis on customer convenience and has partnered with leading banks and other aggregators to facilitate users with multiple avenues for cash withdrawal, loading and bill payment,” the press statement read.

“E-Money will make financial services simpler, more convenient and accessible to the Pakistani user — the requirements of whom are overlooked for much too long,” NayaPay Chief officer Danish A. Lakhani was quoted as saying by the handout.

“As a home-grown platform, NayaPay will still drive innovation and iterate to best address specific pain points of local users and businesses while strictly following international AML and CFT guidelines.”


Now Sada Pay is scheduled for launching in Pakistan for the Digital payment system also for convenience for international remittance and particularly creating a simple thanks to receiving and withdraw earning for freelancers in Pakistan


“Many digital payment solutions have entered Pakistan and now awareness of digital payments is needed,” said Muhammad Aslam Hayat of Telenor Microfinance Bank while talking to the Digital Markhor.

“We need to motivate people, who prefer cash transactions, to opt for applications like e-wallet, which offer a variety of options to the common man with a user-friendly interface especially designed to facilitate the illiterate,”

Muhammad Aslam Hayat of Telenor Microfinance Bank

About 50% of Pakistanis are illiterate which suggests the appliance has got to be so simple and straightforward to use in order that everyone can understand,” Muhammad Aslam Hayat said.

“To attract an individual who prefers cash payment towards a digital payment system, we’d like to form it so efficient that payment might be made in five seconds almost like scanning a QR code and typing the quantity, otherwise people are going to be discouraged.”

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