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Iconic Photo Shows Orangutan Catching Fish With A Makeshift Spear

Primates are incredibly wise animals, but humankind can in some cases forget how similar we are. One of the most iconic pictures previously captured of a primate shows an orangutan hunt for seafood with a makeshift gig, the use of very alike methods as mankind would.

The picture was shot by Gerd Schuster, who co-authored the publication “Thinkers of the Jungle: The Orangutan study.”

The image was reported to be captured in Borneo, Indonesia, on the land of Kaja. Schuster tells that the animal observed natives fishing with spears in the Gohong River, and started to repeat their methods.

Sooner or later, the creature was able to improvise and learn an approach that been successful for him, holding low from a tree and then using a stick as a gig to hit the fish in the water.

The creature is even sensible enough to use the traces that were made by the fishermen, that made the job truly simpler for him.

The credibility of this capture was confirmed by Michelle Desilets, manager of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) the UK, who said,

“I can confirm that the photo is authentic. It is also backed by the BOS Scientific Advisory Board, including Dr Anne Russon who has done extensive studies of the orangutans on this island. The behaviours including spearfishing and swimming on these islands are not uncommon and are almost certainly learned behaviours as they have not been seen in wild populations. “

That is certainly not the 1st or one time which things like this have been taken in pictures or films. More not too long ago, as well as in Borneo, an orangutan was found supporting a man who was wading thru snake-infested waters.

A newbie digital photographer named Anil Prabhakar is on a safari with friends at a conservation jungle run by the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) when he saw the scene.

Prabhakar was in a position to shoot a pic of the moment, that displayed one of the island’s significantly endangered apes offering a hand to help mankind out of unsafe water.

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