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Spanish Police Play Songs In The Streets During Lockdown To Entertain People

Coronavirus Lockdown in Spain

Keeping spirits high during coronavirus lockdown may be a major challenge, but police are going above and beyond to try to do their bit in Spain.

Footage shared on Twitter reveals two police cars weaving down on the empty street with their horns on as isolated citizens applaud.

While ordinarily this sound means ‘get out of the way someone’s in trouble’, in these strange times it’s seemingly more like a frozen dessert van jingle, alerting people of an impending singalong.

Officers can then be seen exiting their vehicles because of the main man, let’s call him the Enrique Iglesias of the unit, starts performing the guitar and singing through a Britney Spears style headset. Citizens can then be tried joining in because the other officers cheer and dance around in a circle.

Spanish Police Play Songs In The Streets During Coronavirus Lockdown To Entertain People
Policeman playing the Guitar

The song finished, police depart to more applause, presumably on their thanks to serenading another a part of town.

It’s all very joyous stuff within the grave times that we discover ourselves in.

This performance was the work of the Algaida local department in Majorca, with Diario de Mallorca reporting that they performed during coronavirus lockdown between 3 pm and seven pm afternoon (20 March). consistent with the local paper, they’re going to do an equivalent again today in Pina and Randa.

The statement said:
“So no, those that like better to nap will need to wait because no confinement will prevent people’s houses and flats from becoming an ideal setting for dancing and singing, an honest thanks to releasing tension.”

It’s a fair point – nap/siesta windows haven’t been more flexible than they’re currently.

Across Europe, the coronavirus pandemic has served as a reminder of the facility of music to unite us and build camaraderie. In Italy, one among the worst-hit countries within the world, people have sung from their windows during a spirit of solidarity.

A clip shot in housing blocks in Casoria commune in Naples showed people singing songs of local eleven Società Sportiva Calcio Napoli, with the words: “People like us will never give up; people like us will never give up; people like us; people like us; people like us will never give up!

“Come on Italy! Come on Naples! Forever!”

They also sang: “We are all united. Come out on your balconies, out on your balconies! Come out on your balconies, out on your balconies! “The virus that is facing us will not defeat us… The virus that is facing us will not defeat us!”

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